Offensive Language Or Conduct

Is it Illegal to Publicly Display Nazi Symbols?

The Deputy Police Commissioner has questioned the proposed ban of the public display of Swastika symbols…

Offensive Conduct in NSW

A Turkish social media influencer has been sentenced after posing on giant penis in a sex museum… Click here for more on offensive conduct in NSW.

What is a Criminal Lawyers’ Role?

What happens when a criminal lawyer comes across a client who confesses guilt but maintains a plea of ‘not guilty’? “I did It, but I want you to defend me”.

Offensive Conduct in NSW

A UK man has pulled down his trousers and casually taken a dump in broad daylight just metres away from the entrance to a shopping centre food hall…

Desecrating Protected Places Offences in NSW

Five men have been charged after allegedly climbing onto the WWI Cenotaph in Sydney’s Martin Place and inappropriately posing with the statute…

Obscene Exposure Offences & Defences NSW

“I’m Allowed to be Hot”: TikTok User Has Police Called on Her by Neighbour For “Dressing Inappropriately” as Video Reaches Over 12 Million Views

NSW Police Commissioner Defends Officers Who Performed ‘Unlawful’ Arrest on Curtis Scott

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller has sought to defend the actions of police officers involved in the wrongful arrest of NRL player Curtis Scott...

New Proposed Domestic Violence Laws on Criminalising ‘Coercive Control’: An Interview with Dr Karen Williams of Doctors Against Violence Towards Women

A Bill introduced by Labour MP Anna Watson proposes to criminalise psychological abuse through 'coercive control' by partners' in domestic relationships.

Latest BOSCAR statistics and the need for greater focus on rehabilitation: An interview with Deputy Mayor of Dubbo and Barrister Stephen Lawrence

The Latest BOSCAR statistics reveal crimes across NSW have remained the same while others fallen except for sexual & domestic assaults. Click here for more…

Man Charged for Alleged Child Abduction

26-year-old John Gray has allegedly attempted to abduct a 5-year-old child in broad daylight has been arrested and charged for child abduction.


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Bashir was extremely well organised, professional and extremely helpful. I only gave him a short window to prepare and he didn't disappoint. Would definitely recommend Bashir to anyone facing criminal… (read full review) By D.D from Sydney on 16/05/2022
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