Client gets a s10 non-conviction for negligent driving with lengthy traffic record at Downing Centre Court

Our 21-year-old client is a business and creative intelligence student from Northbridge. Police charged him with negligent driving when he was to appear at the Downing Centre Court.

When he contacted CDLA, he spoke to our specialist criminal lawyer Alex Istifan who specialises in these types of matters. Alex gave very practical and details advice before setting off the thoroughly prepare his case for court.

Police alleged that our client was negligent while driving his car leading to a collision with another vehicle.

On the day of hearing, Alex presented our client’s case with persuasive force to the Magistrate. The thoroughly prepared evidence by Alex was handed up to the court in support for the Magistrate to read. This material was tailored to our client’s individual case, because each case is different in one way or another for these types of cases.

Even though our client has a lengthy traffic record of infringements over the years, the court could not see passed the strong evidence tendered by Alex in support of our client’s case.

In the result, the Court agreed with Alex to discharge our client and not impose a conviction under section 10 dismissal. This was a fantastic result thanks for Alex’s quick thinking and strategic approach to the case.

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