Our 27-year-old client gets s10 without conviction for domestic violence assaults of actual bodily harm and common assault

Our 27-year-old client, settlement officer in the financial services department was charged by police with assault occasioning actual bodily harm and common assault domestic violence offences, in addition to an apprehended domestic violence order.

The AVO originally applied by police precluded our client from going to his family home.

Our client contacted the CDLA team and was immediately advised as to his options and way forward by our experienced criminal defence lawyer Mr. Alex Istifan.

From the beginning right through to the conclusion, Alex guided and prepared the case with a very high attention to detail, leaving no stone un-turned to give our client the best possible chances at a successful outcome.

On the day the matter was listed at the Liverpool Local Court, Alex negotiated with police before entering the court room in order to vary the stringent AVO conditions so that our client could be reunited with his family. After extensive negotiations, the police eventually agreed to removing the stringent AVO condition, allowing our client to go back home to his family.

In addition, the assault charges that our client was also facing in court were dismissed by section 10 without a conviction being recorded against our client, putting a successful end to his criminal proceedings.

Thanks to Alex’s hard work and determination, the Magistrate was persuaded to deal with our clients case in this way.


  What Our Clients Say

Alex from CDLA performed a wonderful job. very professional, well prepared, and exceptional personality who got me the result I was hoping for being a section 10 non conviction with… (read full review) By P.S. from Sydney on 22/12/2021
I had a great experience with senior lawyer Kate Miller of CDLA. She manage my case in a professional and efficient manner and the result was great! It ensured there… (read full review) By N.W. from Sydney on 22/12/2021
Tayla Regan represented me in a serious criminal allegation and the result of the hearing couldn't have been better! Tayla kept me informed throughout the entire process on the strategy… (read full review) By S.V. from Sydney on 23/12/2021
I called the CDLA team. Their knowledge of the law is unparalleled. Every interaction I had with them was not just knowledgeable, but empathetic and non-judgmental. Their senior lawyer Kate… (read full review) By K.D.S from Sydney on 10/12/2021
Thank you Kate for the excellent job you did managing and representing my case. Kate not just helped me get the best outcome, she also kept me up to date,… (read full review) By Z.W. from Sydney on 02/12/2021

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