I would highly recommend Kate Miller. My matter was unusual and complex. Kate showed empathy, understanding and very good knowledge of the offence. I got the result at court I was after!

My matter was unusual, difficult and complex. From the get go, senior lawyer Kate Miller showed empathy and understanding regarding my circumstances. she had very good knowledge of the offence and judicial process. A bonus was her rapport with the police prosecutors in court. Because she regularly appears against them in court, they all know her. I got the result at court I was after. I would highly recommend Kate!

Outstanding and beyond expectations! Ahmad Faraj was highly professional and made me fee supported and confident. Highly recommend.

Ahmad Faraj was outstanding and beyond my expectations. from the very beginning he understood my circumstances and was highly professional and made me feel supported and confident throughout the entire process. I highly recommend his services, and would hire him again if ever needed. Thank you Ahmad!

Thank you Ahmad for getting all charges dismissed before the hearing day! Exceptional job done!

The CDLA team and senior lawyer Ahmad did such an exceptional job on my case! After guiding me through the entire process, he worked hard to view all the evidence and advised me he was confident we stood a good chance at winning. That’s exactly what happened! only a few days before the hearing, police agreed to withdraw all of my charges. Thank you Ahmad and CDLA for all your hard work and for allowing me to get on with my life! If it wasn’t for them, I would be stuck with a criminal conviction with disastrous consequences on my livelihood.

Kate was incredible with her hard work, and got me the result I was after! She was soo understanding! Thank you!

Kate Miller from CDLA was incredible with her effort on my case. Thanks to Kate and the CDLA team, the result was amazing. from the get go, Kate continued working hard on my case. she was professional, transparent and understanding. She kept me updated the whole time and always reassured me. I couldn’t recommend her and the team enough!


Straight to the point, honest advice and best outcome! Thank you!

Thank you CDLA. Tayla, you were amazing. I received the best quality help, advice and support in getting the best outcome in court. Tayla and the CDLA tea, were professional, straight to the point and honest. Definitely recommend Tayla to anyone needing legal advice.

They won my case! I’ve dealt with lawyers in past but none were as helpful and nice.

I had an amazing experience with my lawyer Kate Miller who was an ex-prosecutor, such a sweet and helpful person. She helped me with almost everything and won the case for me. I have dealt with lawyers in past but none were as helpful and nice as Kate and CDLA team. Thank you!

Alex performed a wonderful job. He got me a s10 non conviction. I highly recommend him!

Alex from CDLA performed a wonderful job. very professional, well prepared, and exceptional personality who got me the result I was hoping for being a section 10 non conviction with no fine. I highly recommend him! He actually cares about his cases.

Kate was professional and got me a great result. As a result there was no impact to my career and life moving forward.

I had a great experience with senior lawyer Kate Miller of CDLA. She manage my case in a professional and efficient manner and the result was great! It ensured there was no material impact to my life and career moving forward. Thank you Kate. I will never forget what you’ve done for me!

Tayla kept me informed through the entire process and got me an exceptional result in court! Thank you and Merry Xmas!

Tayla Regan represented me in a serious criminal allegation and the result of the hearing couldn’t have been better! Tayla kept me informed throughout the entire process on the strategy and what to expect in my case. Excellent and timely service. Very happy. Thank you Tayla and the CDLA team. Wishing you a merry xmas and happy new year!

Senior lawyer Kate was empathetic, non-judgemental & executed with precision. I got an outstanding result!

I called the CDLA team. Their knowledge of the law is unparalleled. Every interaction I had with them was not just knowledgeable, but empathetic and non-judgmental. Their senior lawyer Kate carefully explained each process and precisely executed. Highly recommend you put your trust in them. They fight for freedom and give you peace of mind. Could not have asked for a better result in the end! Thank you so much!