Sydney Radiologist Sentenced to Jail for Using Carriage Service to Menace and Offend Former Tinder Date


It is reported that a radiologist in Sydney has been sentenced to jail for sending threatening messages to a previous tinder date.

41-year-old Denise Lee, a Sydney radiologist pleaded guilty before being sentenced to 9-months imprisonment for using a carriage service to menace charges.

It’s reported that the 41-year-old radiologist has met Matthew Holberton via the Tinder app, and went on ten dates with him in 2015.

The Downing Centre Local Court, presided by His Honour Local Court Magistrate Barko, was told that following the ten dates, Mr. Holberton had expressed his intentions to cut ties with her.

Following this, the court heard that within months, she had sent him about 69 text messages within a two-hour period.

The messages ranged from “I want us to try properly”, and went downhill to “I am going to f*#k your life up”.

Reports reveal that she went to some lengths at concealing her identity in some communications with him post break up. The court heard that after Mr Holberton blocked her mobile number, Lee maintained her abusive communications to him in the disguise of fake identities.

Other text messages reveal that she said, “You’re a f*#@ing piece of work and you’ll get everything you deserve”.

When he moved interstate, Mr. Holberton commenced a new relationship. But Lee also contacted his new partner, her colleagues and her mum via email.

She made rude and offensive comments on his new partner’s online social media platforms, including, “ugly, attention seeking slag”, “hagged mutton face”.

The extent of sophistication she used included the use of thirty-eight email unique addresses, using VPN and Protonmail to remain discreet when sending them.

Local Court Magistrate Barko sentenced the 41-year-old radiologist with a criminal conviction, 2-years community corrections order involving two hundred hours of community service plus 9-months imprisonment.

She has appealed the decision, and immediately made a bail application in court where bail was granted pending the outcome of her appeal.

While Magistrate Barko noted that she was “extremely bright, intelligent woman”, having achieved 100% in tertiary education, His Honour also noted her offending conduct to be “gutless and cowardly”, “vile, despicable and offensive”

Magistrate Barko also said, “In my 34-years of criminal justice in NSW, I’ve never seen a case like this before.”

NSW law prohibits a person from using a carriage service to communicate causing menace, harassment, or offend another person under section 474.17 Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth).

This is considered a criminal offence carrying a criminal conviction with a maximum penalty of 3-years jail in the District Court, and 12-months jail or $12,600 fine, or both in the Local Court.

A carriage service includes communication by unguided or guided electromagnetic energy, which includes mobile phone using texts, or internet using emails.

Click here for a further outline on the defences to using carriage service offences in court.

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