Parramatta – The New Legal Hub of Sydney

Why is Parramatta the new legal hub of Sydney?

Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia is the newest entrant to the Parramatta legal world. And for very good reason.

After signing a lease on a premium positioned office, are now located directly in front of the Parramatta Supreme, Parramatta District, Parramatta Children’s, Parramatta Federal and Family and Parramatta Local Courts. They have opened doors and specialty services in criminal and traffic law to the much needed western Sydney in 2017.

“With over 20 years in court experience in criminal and traffic law, Parramatta and western Sydney, have an enormous need for high quality legal services, which we can provide”, Says Mr. Jimmy Singh, Principal of Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia. “Now is the best time to enter the Parramatta area more than ever, because you now have all the main Courts you once had exclusively only in Sydney’s CBD, in the heart of Parramatta”, says Mr. Singh.

Having travelled to and represented hundreds of clients in all courts in NSW, with significant city and country court experience, Mr. Singh has gained significant insight into the need for providing high quality advice and representation at an affordable price to western Sydney.

“Locating ourselves at Parramatta, instead of the CBD city of Sydney, allowed us to be positioned in a location more accessible for those in need of our services in the West. One of the valuable features we provide to all is initial first free consultations by a senior criminal defence lawyer, providing easier access to justice at an affordable price, and high quality advice and court representation”, says Mr. Singh.

The new rail line

With new plans for a new $10 million rail line from Parramatta to Sydney CBD linking 2 major business hubs with Sydney Olympic Park and the Bays Precinct holding a capacity of 40,000 passengers an hour each way, creates Parramatta into the next big city.

The now resigned NSW premier Mike Baird, says, this plan will “transform” the Parramatta city, and scrap away the timetable system, creating a “turn-up-and-go system” to the much needed growing population. No doubt, this will create significantly more businesses, projects, and jobs, boosting the economy which creates the next new legal hub of Sydney.

The Western Sydney Business Chamber, David Borger, says this will also help concrete Parramatta as the second CBD.

The ANZ stadium also commented that this will be a “game changer for event goers”.

Supreme Court now sitting in Parramatta

With the Supreme Court preparing to sit regularly in Parramatta since 2014, instead of exclusively in Sydney’s CBD, Parramatta and the west, have received that much needed and significant boost for legal services. This move, is another significant reason why Parramatta is the new legal hub of Sydney, “bringing courts and access to justice to the people”, said the former Law Society president, Ms. Ros Everett.

The Supreme Court now sitting in the Parramatta Precinct, in fact, housed Australia’s longest-running terrorism trial back in 2009 which involved Mr. J Singh as part of the Defence team of lawyers.

Parramatta Commonwealth Law Court and the Family Court

The Commonwealth Law Courts building is located on Parramatta’s George St, located only a few meters down the road to Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia. The commonwealth law court hear a range of matters including taxation, intellectual property, federal crime, employment and industrial relations, commercial and corporations law and administrative law including CTTT and NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) matters.

Also conveniently located within the same building is the Family Court, regularly hearing all family related matters.

Sydney West Trial and Local Courts

Located also on George Street, is the Local Court in one historic building, and the District Court in the newly built Parramatta Precinct.

Whilst the Local Court hears a significant number of local court kind of matters from drink driving, drugs, assaults and fraud allegations and cases. The District Court hears the more serious cases involving death, importation of drugs, and large money laundering kind of cases. It is the District Court that houses Jury’s to sit in serious cases, and is located conveniently in front of Mr. Singh’s office, which makes preparation and high quality representation for cases much more efficient and cost effective for Mr. Singh’s clients.

Bail and Children’s Court

Located on 2 George Street, Parramatta, directly in front of the Parramatta Commonwealth Law Courts is the Parramatta Children’s Court. The Children’s court is an expertise court hearing matters involving children and crime, AVO’s, compulsory schooling application orders, and cases involving the protection and care of children.

The normal trading days for courts to sit are Monday’s to Friday’s from 9:30am to 4pm. The Children’s Court also sits on weekends as a sitting weekend Bail Court in Parramatta. This is where an accused person, who is refused bail at the police station, goes to, in front of a Magistrate who then considers whether or not bail should be granted to release the person pending their criminal case. This is critical as some cases can take years before finishing.

As most lawyers charge excessive fees for a specialist criminal lawyers to attend on a weekend to provide valuable and much needed advice and representation in court for someone in distress, Mr. Singh and his firm of Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia, are able to keep costs down, being located right in front of the these courts, for urgent matters.

Given the once upon a time exclusive courts that were only ever located in CBD Sydney, are now also available in Parramatta to keep with the demands and needs of the West, this, together with the plans for a new rail line linking CBD, is what makes Parramatta the new legal hub of Sydney.

Access to justice at an affordable price has never been more needed in the West, allowing for highly experienced City senior Criminal Defence Lawyers, like Mr. J Singh, an opportunity to open doors to provide that much needed quality service, at an affordable price, with free first consultations to all in need.

About Jimmy Singh

Mr. Jimmy Singh is the Principal Lawyer at Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia - Leading Criminal Lawyers in Sydney, Delivering Exceptional Results in all Australian Criminal Courts.


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