Not Guilty of Bank Fraud After Overdrawing $2.1 Million

Case of Moore v R [2016] NSWCCA 260 The accused Mr. Moore was found Not Guilty after he successfully appealed a Guilty verdict in the District Court for charges of “dishonestly obtain financial advantage by deception” (s192E(1)(b) Crimes Act 1900 (NSW), and a further charge of “dealing with proceeds of crime” (s193B(2) Crimes Act). The ...continue reading

Employee Fraud and Compensation Orders by Courts – Do the Ends Justify the Means?

‘Dishonestly obtaining financial advantage by deception, or causing a financial disadvantage by deception’ is a common offence committed by employees of companies. Employee fraud has become so prevalent that companies are now setting up specialist departments in house to prevent or reduce its occurrence. This is largely due to the significant sums lost by companies ...continue reading

How to Avoid a Criminal Conviction after Pleading Guilty in Court?

  We’re all aware that a criminal conviction or criminal record against your name can have severe consequences on your job, income, travel plans, ability to drive, and any loved one’s who rely on you. There is generally one of 2 ways to avoid getting a criminal conviction recorded against your name, even after pleading ...continue reading


  What Our Clients Say

Dear CDLA team, I cannot thank you enough for the court outcome today. Mr Fouad represented me with all the commitment, energy, information, compassion that I felt myself very well… (read full review) By KS from Sydney on 03/12/2020
When I am mentally stressed, Tayla and the team helped a lot and “balanced” unfairness negotiating with the officers and in front of the court. The outcome was quite satisfactory,… (read full review) By C.K. on 04/11/2020
5-star rating very well deserved to CDLA. The conviction at the lower court was overturned at the district court. Thanks, Fouad for being such a compassionate & thorough professional and… (read full review) By K.V. on 02/11/2020
So I got myself into a bit of mischief earlier this year... after searching and searching for a decent lawyer I came across CDLA, I had Tayla Regan Representing me… (read full review) By L.B. on 09/09/2020
Tayla Regan represented me and got me the perfect result against all odds. The way she handled the entire process and had me in the loop with her way of… (read full review) By M.M. on 15/10/2018

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