Is it a Crime to Smack Your Kid?

Out of 1400 Australians, in a poll by News Corp, 75.7% believed that it is acceptable to smack children to deter misbehaviour. 39.5% have said that they would be furious if they see their friends smack their kids. Although, smacking children is a controversial issue, in certain circumstances, it isn’t a criminal offence to smack ...continue reading

Spent Convictions

A criminal conviction is something that can generally impact on your ability to gain employment and travel overseas. Although not many are aware, generally, a convicted person is not required to disclose, for any purpose, any information about his or her conviction, if that conviction is “spent”. In addition to this, a question concerning your ...continue reading

Hey Dad! Robert Hughes Tendency Towards Underage Girls

Robert Lindsay Hughes from the popular Australian TV show Hey Dad! was charged with 11 counts of child sex offences committed against 5 underage girls. The underage girls at the time were aged between six and 15 years. What Was He Found Guilty For? On the 7 April 2014, the jury returned a verdict of ...continue reading

Are People with Criminal Convictions Allowed to Associate with Each Other?

What is Habitual Consorting and it’s Penalties? Habitual Consorting carries a maximum penalty of imprisonment of up to 3 years and/or a fine of up to $16,500. Under s 93X Crimes Act 1900 (NSW), it is a criminal offence to: Habitually Consort with convicted offenders, after receiving an official warning in relation to each of ...continue reading

How To Get Cases Dismissed Due to Mental Health

A successful section 32 Mental Health Application in Court can result in the dismissal of criminal charges, resulting in no criminal conviction. This can apply where you suffer a mental health disorder, where you satisfy the requirements of section 32 of the Mental Health (Forensic Provisions) Act 1990 (NSW). This means, even for serious criminal ...continue reading

Will My Case Be Thrown Out If Alleged Victim Fails To Attend Court?

Consider the scenario where your charged with common assault, with a provisional apprehended domestic violence order (AVO) against you. These charges are taken out against you by the police who act on behalf of your partner (the alleged victim). The AVO prohibits you from approaching or contacting your partner and children. As a result, your ...continue reading

Is it an Assault to Spit at Someone in NSW?

Spitting at someone doesn’t necessarily constitute a criminal offence of “assault”. If the police charge you with “assault”, and the Court interprets “assault” in it’s narrow meaning of the word, then spitting does not necessarily constitute an offence of “assault”- if the victim wasn’t aware he or she was spat at. If the Court interprets ...continue reading

How to Avoid a Criminal Conviction after Pleading Guilty in Court?

  We’re all aware that a criminal conviction or criminal record against your name can have severe consequences on your job, income, travel plans, ability to drive, and any loved one’s who rely on you. There is generally one of 2 ways to avoid getting a criminal conviction recorded against your name, even after pleading ...continue reading


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