Fahim Khan

Senior Criminal and Traffic Defence Lawyer

Mr Fahim Khan is a senior member of CDLA’s team of criminal defence lawyers.

He brings a wealth of specialised knowledge & experience in conducting very complex criminal and traffic cases.

He has built a solid reputation as an exceptional and persuasive court room lawyer, with an emphasis on solid preparation, and getting serious cases dropped early.

Fahim has appeared in all NSW Courts, and is familiar with the court procedures, prosecutors, Magistrates and Judges. He has represented clients from a very diverse range of backgrounds in all courts throughout the state, from the Local, Children’s Courts, District Courts and Supreme Courts of NSW.

With a community minded focus, he commenced his career working with the Aboriginal Legal Service and represented the most socioeconomically disadvantaged communities in the country. He has worked in various remote country areas of NSW. As a result, he has a strong working knowledge of the substantive and procedural aspects of criminal law in Australia.

He has a wealth of experience in complex and serious criminal cases, and can quickly digest enormous amounts of material, allowing him to pick out the critical issues in dispute, identify deficiencies in the prosecution’s evidence, and formulate very effective case strategies to get serious charges dropped early, and not guilty verdicts.

Fahim’s advocacy portfolio ranges from achieving exceptional results in Local Court defended hearings, Local and District Court sentences and jury trials, bail applications in the Local, District, and Supreme Courts, including severity and conviction appeals, and appearing in bail courts on weekends.

He has appeared in all types of matters, from AVO’s, all types of assaults, complex fraud, larceny, drink and drug driving, drug possession, aggravated robbery, commercial drug importation and supply, complex aggravated sexual assault cases, firearms and complicated bail applications all around NSW.

Fahim is a highly respected and experienced criminal defence lawyer who has appeared in over hundreds of hearings, sentences and bail applications. He is also considerably experienced in instructing Counsel in complex District Court trials, where he leaves no stone unturned in preparing and executing case strategies.

He is a fierce advocate who has mastered the skill of persuasion which he combines with his expertise in criminal and traffic law. This has seen him successfully negotiate with the police and DPP to withdraw serious charges early in the proceedings.

A significant skill he possesses is his refined ability to provide legal advice in complex situations quickly, while ensuring that clients understand their options and are able to provide informed instructions. He has experience representing clients from various backgrounds and with significant intellectual challenges. He thrives in fostering a great relationship with his clients and has the ability to ensure each client becomes fully abreast of all issues at every stage of the court process.

With Fahim on your side, you will certainly have the advantage of fierce, strategic and persuasive representation for your case. He is passionate about achieving exceptional results and goes over and beyond to achieve the best possible outcome for his clients.

Fahim's Testimonials

Greatly appreciated

Living in WA I needed to find a Law firm and Lawyer to represent me in a Vexatious application in NSW. They couldn't act for me till I had transferred funds into trust and this occurred on the Friday before the Trial hearing date for Monday. Fahim and CDLA worked through the weekend by phone and email and on Monday early AM and during breaks in the hearing to successfully oppose the set aside of the VRO and have costs granted in my favour also. I greatly appreciated the efforts of Fahim and his team.
By B.B. on 25/09/2018

You won’t be disappointed

My husband & I highly recommend the Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia team. Fahim Khan handled our case very efficiently & professionally he was very clear with instructions. And very informative on specific legal terminology in the way we could understand. He is very professional and good at his job & very responsive on updates. When needed please contact the team for any legal matters you may have.
By V.S. on 17/09/2018

I would highly recommend CDLA

I would highly recommend CDLA. They know what they are doing. I met with a lot of lawyers before CDLA but I finally decided to go with them. Fahim was there to help me on my day of need. I believe him to be very knowledgeable. He is a very ethical person and gives you a very thorough advice of all the options available. I was new to the law system and Fahim guided me through the process, with constant communication, transparency and detailed advice about my matter. Fahim is very hard working, always going over and beyond in preparing for the case. He explores all angles to get the best possible outcome. Fahim is very professional and respectful at court. Yet he does not back down from a fight even when the court is against him. He always has the client’s best interests in his mind. When asked a question by the Magistrate, Fahim just does not provide one or two word response, he would submit in length and with persuasion. It is easy for anyone listening to him to come around to his point of view and understand his reasoning. So when you are in trouble and need someone experienced, knowledgeable, persuasive and a fighter, CDLA is the place to go.
By P.F. on 13/09/2018


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