Kiran Sahota

Senior Criminal & Traffic Defence Lawyer

Ms. Kiran Sahota is a senior criminal defence lawyer, forming an integral part of the team of Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia. Her specialty is criminal defence and traffic law.

Kiran regularly advocates and appears before Judges and Magistrates in courts across Australia. This has allowed her to become familiar with the Judges and Magistrates in court with a reputation as a force to be reckoned with, as a criminal defence lawyer.

She has extensive experience with a proven track record of outstanding results over the years in:

  • Supreme Court and Local Court Bail Applications in serious crime cases
  • Jury and Judge alone trials in District and Supreme Courts
  • Local Court defended hearings
  • Complex sentence proceedings in the District and Local Courts
  • Mental Health Applications and Defences
  • All complex Appeals in the Supreme Court of Criminal Appeal, District Courts and Local Courts.

Excelling academically, before becoming a criminal lawyer, Kiran’s always had a strong passion for criminal justice and law. She completed university with a double degree, namely, a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts before going on to completing a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice (G.D.L.P).

Her high intellect, fierce competitiveness, results driver attitude, and her years of experience specialising in criminal defence makes her a force to be reckoned with.

Kiran’s managed on countless occasions over the years to successfully negotiate with the prosecution to get serious criminal charges withdrawn early, saving her clients legal fees and the stresses of having to attend court.

Kiran has the ability to effectively analyse an entire case very quickly. She’s then capable of finding the devil(s) in the detail, by picking out all the holes in the police evidence. This allows her to work out the best defence moving forward for her clients cases. Her methodology shifts from case to case, depending on the case. This has given her respect and success in securing ‘Not Guilty’ verdicts in jury trials and defended hearings, in addition to securing no-conviction recorded section 10 sentences in court.

In cases where her clients have chosen to plead guilty, only to be sentenced by the court, Kiran works around the clock to ensure that everything that should be done on her clients cases gets done at the end of the day. This ensures that her clients maximise their chances of getting the best possible sentence outcome in court.

She has a proven track record of successfully convincing the courts to impose non-jail sentences for very serious criminal offences on countless occasions over the years.

Overall, Kiran has achieved significant success as an established and highly respected criminal lawyer in Sydney. She’s committed to approaching cases in ways that reduce costs and maximise results.

Kiran is committed to using her knowledge of criminal procedure, police powers, substantive law and sentencing options to ensure that from the first consultation, her clients know what their options are, and the various avenues available to reach the best outcome.

Kiran’s specialty and experience is in complex and serious criminal and traffic charges, including:

  • All serious sex charges
  • Domestic Violence Assaults and Domestic Violence Orders
  • AVO Proceedings
  • Serious drink driving offences
  • White collar crime charges and large scale fraud charges, including Centrelink offences
  • Serious dangerous & negligent driving charges
  • All drug charges, including Drug Possession, Drug Supply, Drug Importation and Cultivation charges
  • Serious firearms charges
  • Murder charges
  • Supreme Court Bail
  • All complex Appeals

Kiran, like all of the CDLA defence team, is available 24/7 for her clients.

She truly enjoys helping people and is very good at providing easy to understand legal advice, tailored specifically to the case.

Her clients benefit from her ability to get results; her ability to analyse and digest large amounts of evidence over a short period of time.

Kiran is also bilingual. She also speaks in Punjabi and Hindi, which allows her to provide her valuable legal skills to diverse backgrounds.

Contact our friendly team to arrange a consultation with Kiran today. You can be assured that she will provide your case with the highest quality legal representation with utmost care and professionalism to get results.

Kiran's Testimonials

I couldn't thank you guys enough to pay my gratitude for the enormous amount of effort you guys have put in as a team to resolve my case

I couldn't thank you guys enough to pay my gratitude for the enormous amount of effort you guys have put in as a team to resolve my case. I had a very good experience being helped by the team to resolve my very critical and sensitive case. During the process particularly critical due to being during Covid 19 and sensitive due to the case involving my very close ties, they handled everything from the start to the end deligently, professionally and very sensibly. And most importantly the outcome was very desirable. I would have no qualms to recommend CDLA for any of the legal matters they specialize in. And finally thank you Jimmy for taking my case under your wings and helping me resolve my case through Kiran as a team to achieve the best results I could have ever hope for and letting me move forward in my life. Thank you Team CDLA, Best regards.
By D.M on 26/02/2021


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