Criminal & Traffic Lawyers Sutherland District Court

The Sutherland District Court is located within the same building as the Sutherland Local Court building, all located a short walk from the Sutherland train station and Sutherland police station.

The District Court a Sutherland has its own Presiding Judge who hears all serious criminal and traffic cases including:

  • All serious drug charges including importation, cultivation, manufacture and supply
  • Serious firearms offences and break and enter charges 
  • Serious sexual assault, child abuse material charges
  • Serious assault charges including grievous bodily harm
  • Complex fraud charges, including larceny
  • Mental Health Defences including s32 applications 
  • All severity and conviction appeals from the local court cases
  • Bail applications, sentences, jury trials

Our senior team of highly respected criminal and traffic lawyers have over 20 years experience, and an outstanding proven record of success on countless times in getting charges dropped early, achieving not guilty verdicts, and avoiding criminal convictions by getting section 10’s.

For a free first consultation, our team are available 24/7, and offer fixed fees for most cases.


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